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Matías Cousiño 150 of 528, Santiago
Phone: (56 2) 2449 0660

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Land Transportation

The Inland Transport Division of Train Chile SA is subdivided in three specialties of land transportation services. These are:

International Trucking Service

It refers to the import and export cargo movements from neighboring countries plus Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. Full service truck to and from these countries and consolidated terrestrial service to and from Argentina and Brazil.

National Land Transport Service

Is related to the movement of loose cargo and containerized from places of loading, to the transfer stations (ports and airports) or from transfer stations to final destinations.

We operate our own fleet and have a partnership with third parties, depending on ports and cities associated with the service.

Trucking Service Special Precision Logistics

Is related to transport specialized of land loads that require absolute precision in execution.

This service it’s executed only with our own fleet and staff, developed under the supervision of professionals specialized on the transport of each type of goods transported.

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Matías Cousiño 150 of 528, Santiago
Phone: (56 2) 2449 0660