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Matías Cousiño 150 of 528, Santiago
Phone: (56 2) 2449 0660

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Additional Services


Train Chile provides the storage service whenever required the service, which is applicable to all goods irrespective of their type or size.
Train Chile provides storage service whenever the service is required, which is applicable to all goods regardless of their type or size. Only when loading is different from what are denominated dry charge Normal, the service will require advanced solicitation, to have the time necessary to dispose of the warehouse corresponding to the nature of the shipment.

Customs Clearance

Train Chile normally works with customs broker agents that each customer prefers or confirms, but in case the customer does not have any preference in this regard, Train Chile has several customs brokers of great experience and prestige with whom we can coordinate their operation and proceed with the appropriate dispatch custom. In all cases, Customs brokers issues their settlement service directly on behalf of our client, requesting the service provided.


Train Chile counts with a Sub Department of Insurance. This department quotes insurances from the department of international transport and liability container. It only requires on case by case, that the interested requests the relevant insurance quote. With the respective approval, the department of insurance obtains the certificate of insurance, which is used in the proof of CIF value at customs and to the insurance company in case of an accident.

Management Consulting in International Trade

Train Chile SA with the participation of their specialists in international trade, it is able to advise their clients Importers in managing International Purchasing, facilitating contacts with suppliers anywhere in the
world and coordinating, through its network of agents to properly make a purchase.

Advisory and Consulting in Foreign Trade

Train Chile SA, with the participation of specialists in international trade, it is able to advise their clients importing and exporting in procedures for import or export, according to the current regulations of both Chile as the country of origin or destination of the cargo.

Inspections and Certifications

To export cargoes, Train Chile is able to inspect and certify content, quantity, weight and volume at any port in the country and Arturo Merino Benitez Airport. To Import loads, the same service can be given from most countries of the world. This implies
that case by case, the Company shall confirm its feasibility.

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Matías Cousiño 150 of 528, Santiago
Phone: (56 2) 2449 0660